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Azazel is the demon and the main antagonist of the 1998 film, Fallen.


Azazel possessed Reese before execution

John Hobbes is a detective who lives in Philadelphia, he ends up gaining noteriety by arresting a dangerous and obsessed serial killer, Edgar Reese, that he is soon condemned to the death penalty and executed the death, nevertheless the evil spirit that was inside of Reese in search of revenge against Hobbes. Soon his partner Jonesy begins to investigate a series of murders that seems to be of an imitator. Hobbes traces the supposedly imitator himself, that man, confirms that he is the same killer on which Hobbes had condemned to death; however, at this time all was the Azazel demon and not the Reese since he had possessed his body during the murders, and promised to take revenge on Hobbes, killing his friends and family.

Azazel soon states that he can own which person simply by playing Hobbes still remain skeptical about his claims, even as the devil begins to sing ''Time Is on My Side'', he then begins to possess by touch and continuing to sing and going from mob to mob and person by person until Hobbes realizes that the only way to realize where the Azazel's is seeing where he's attracked telling Syrian-Aramaic, a very old language that is the only way to find out where Azazel is.

Hobbes follows a clue that Azazel gave him, which even gives Robert Milano a decorated police officer who committed suicide 30 years ago. Hobbes finds Milano's daughter, Greta, who explains that her father was accused of corruption and killed himself to avoid a possible conviction. When Hobbes travels to the cabinm he soon finds clue, that when he died, Milano was simply trying to kill the Azazel. Hobbes soon begins to realize that Azazel wants apocalypse to start right away as soon possible.

The demon begins to provoke Hobbes, and has his nephew Sam and attacks John his brother with intellectual deficiency in his house. He soon flees to the other people who are on the street, ending up in a teacher, as Professor Azazel shoots his host in front of people. Hobbes realizes that Azazel can have anyone after the death of his host and inhabit any body without having to touch including the Hobbes himself.

Lieutenant Stanton soon informs Hobbes that his fingerprints were found at the crime scene, complicity with the Azazel gunshot that was holding the professor, he turned out to be the suspect of all the murders, Azazel soon incriminates Hobbes for the crimes.

Azazel soon flees to John's house at night, and has Art and makes him commit suicide by injecting poison. Hobbes and Sam decide to flee. Soon after, Hobbes takes Sam to Gretta to consult several ancient texts that they discover Azazel's ability to possess melee in the form of spirit and has a finite range of one sixth of a mile that must be made within a certain period. To leave Azazel isolated so he can not own anyone else and die.

Soon after, Lieutenant Stanton and Jonesy arrive to arrest Hobbes, but Azazel had already owned Hobbes and wants him to die and look like a suicide. Stanton is furious with supposition and orders that Hobbes drops with weapon. Jonesy however shoots at Stanton, revealing himself as Azazel, and then the demon chases Hobbes around the hut, and Azazel tells John to continue killing more people and then to move on to people. They fight for control of the weapon, when Jonesy's body is mortally wounded.

Then Hobbes smokes a poisoned cigarette and mocks Azazel and says that he will soon be dead and that wrath will be without host arresting him and killing, Hobbes kills Jonesy firing on his head, Azazel then has Hobbes but his body can not stand and die, Azazel has a cat, and the film ends with a narration that is Azazel himself saying that the war against souls is far from over and that the soul continues as he waits for the ''Fall of Babylon'' and the end of civilizations.