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Ayush Patil is main antagonist of the chapter 21 of Criminal Case: World Edition, called of the Plagued by Death.


Ayush was a professor of psychology who worked at the university in Bangalore, India, and at that time a violent outbreak spread in Bangalore, and the epidemic caused hundreds of injuries to pus-filled mouths before he died. And the sutor only started after Ayush's former student was found dead, he was Sunil Dhudwar. And when the Bureau is alerted about the outbreak, and that Sunil was killed with the virus, and after further investigation into it. With this, Lars Douglas discovers that the disease caused was caused by man, and Jack Archer accompanies the player to the university where he interrogates Shweta Noorani, who explains that she had created the disease by extracting the deadly substance. However, she says the virus should never have left the lab and had no sign of invasion, and that one of the employees stole the virus. And then, Lars gets contaminated with the disease and the falls to the ground, forming the lesions around his mouth. 

With this, Jack and the player researches more about the outbreak. They then confronts Dr. Noorani again. She then admits that an obscure organization was bringing her to deliver the virus to market, but she declined the offer. And with Lars's life at stake, Jack and the player rush to find out who the suspect is. They then discover that a syringe contained the killer's DNA, as well as leaving Ayush to Dhudwar in relation to his work. And with the evidence against Ayush he is then arrested. At first Ayush denies his involvement in Sunil's death, but he then redeems himself, and confesses that he killed Sunil by injecting the virus. He started that as a sociologist he was concerned about the situation India. And that he worked as Noorani's experiment. Ayush also claimed that he did not intend to stop the epidemic, and claiming that once it became world wide, he would govern like a god. Ayush was later sentenced to life imprisonment.