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Aysel is the Major Female Antagonist from Gacha League who joins the Team Corruptions. She also appears in Gacha Life 2 - The Club where She became a Minion of Pandora and Neon in orders to fights and attacks Her Mysterious Opponents.

She is a Light Space Pirate who is the Bodyguard of Kilios. She cares about taking down Keitoku after He retreats Be cuz He has to defeats His All times Archenemy, Him.

She was Both voiced by Mikakō Kōmatsu in Anime Adaptions and Rachel Robinson in English Dub titles. The Whom in Seiyuu who is also known as Minerva from Re:Zero.


Aysel is a Manly Girl with Tall Breasts. She has a Yellow Short Hair with a Yellow Eyes and a Right Brown Eyepatch which explains why She has a Right Brown Eye. She wears a Brown Sports Bra and Shorts with Yellow Jacket, Gloves and Boots.


She is Hot Headed, Bloodthirsty, Fighter and Wrathful. She respects Law in orders to takes down People who didn't respects Discipline and causing a lots of Chaos will hates Crimes.

She serves Kilios who is the Leader of the Xkour Skyline and is One of the Dangerous Woman in the Histories the Others was Pirate Jessie, Olivia and Succubus Lilith. Aysel also fears Keitoku who causes a Crimes Spree.


Put The Record On

She has no Past Flashback yet but loses Her Roght Eye and almost fails Her Ego after foghting and attacking 200 Enemies. After theEnding of the X Saga, She appeared taking down 3 People alongside with Her Leader, Killios.

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