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Atrocitus is one of the antagonists of the DC cartoon called Green Lantern: The Animated Series.


In the animated series Atrocitus he is portrayed as a diabolical and cruel character and without redeeming qualities, he simply became what he always despised by destroying and inhabitants simply to try to recruit but members to be Red Lantern. In addition, he was responsible for killing Razer's wife with a Red Lantern. In addition, he destroyed a planet simply by harboring a flood of Green Lantern. However, this ultimately proved to be his downfall especially when he revealed to Razer about his true colors, which revolted Razer and the two fought, then Atrocitus is defeated and imprisoned.


Atrocitus is a humanoid, muscular, tall alien, he has yellow eyes, sharp teeth, head crypts and dark red skin.


Unlike their other anti-heroic versions of the comics. This versions had no redeeming qualities, he was much more cruel, sadistic, evil, diabolical, sinister and a complete psychopath.