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Ash Landers is a character who was introduced to Black Butler and he is the main antagonist of season one along with his female form Angela Blanc and a minor antagonist in season two.


Curry Contest

For the first time, Ash appears alongside Queen Victoria in the curry contest, and is broadcasting the contest to the public. And them when Mina and the crowd start eating curryma, and he doesn't seem worried about it, but he finds it interesting that some members of the audience are not affected, more than he claims that there is a human whose heart is free from darkness. And Ciel soon wonders if the reason for this is because those who ate the distressed curry had Sebastian's curry, and shortly afterwards he denied the effects of curryma. Soon after Ciel relays this to Sebastian, which feeds his to the affected and saves the remaining ones who had fulfilled the curryma. And shortly thereafter, Queen Victoria declares him a winner and Ash approaches him and congratulates him on his victory, and promising the Royal Warrant soon.

Book of Doomsday

Ash has a very short appearance in this episode, and appears at Phantohive Mansion and informs him of the cult and asks him to crush eliminate on behalf of the queen, however, he leaves the option to Ciel and says goodbye.

Conspiracy and Revenger

Soon after Ash appears at Ciel's house asking him to pick up an item that is important in John Stanley's corpse, however, he later incriminates Ciel and Lau for drug trafficking and arrests them at Scotland Yard, he is later seen in Exposition and explaining to him in contact with the queen after her husband's death, and who is helping to purify London. And then he attacks Ciel on the queen's orders, but is stopped Sebastian, then Sebastian and he fight very shortly not to hurt the citizens below them. After the queen complains to him about being in pain of the flesh, he tries to purify it, but she refuses, and claiming that she is already pure, and finding her delusions, and he leaves her, and Ciel blames him for his death, and after he flies away, Ash then returns to the mansion and recovers Pluto and forces him to set London on fire.

White London is being set on fire, they soon encounter Ash who also reveals to be Angela, after that Ciel and Sebastian go to the bridge while Ash is savoring it. The impurities and sins of the dead, while he alternates between Ash and Angela just to provoke Sebastian, and he also claims that the impurities are happier than the best furs and that they increased their power. During the battle. Ash tries to summon the Pluto but can't, enraged at that, Ash throws backwards feathers, and after Sebastian enters his true form, he inexplicably easily defeats Ash, who furious and incomfortable with the defeat and with it screams and calls him filthy and dies.

Trancy Butler Arc

Both he and Angela appear in a flashback while he hid in a box.

Ciel in Wonderland

In season 2, OVA, Ash appears along with Angela, he wants Ciel executed because his wings have been destroyed, and since the entire crowd was with Ash, and Sebastian saves him, and soon after Ciel runs away.

Making of Black Butler II

In this, OVA, both he and Angela act as team dubles coordinators.


Ash is a tall man with white amethyst hair, and the colors of his clothes are a white suit with a purple vest.


Ash is calm and quiet and loyal to Queen Victoria. And as an angel as well as her female counterpart she also has a misanthropic idea about humans and stating that they are impure, and gets angry when something goes wrong, he also turned out to be insane, and even turned out to be sadistic during your fight against Sebastian.


  • Ash is very similar to Zamasu since both are loyal to their counterparts, Zamasu to Goku Black, and Ash to Angela, both misanthropic about humans and have a delusional take on it and calling them impure, and both also died in agony.