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Arthur Blessard, or also known as The Soho Strangler, was an auditor who worked at the Internal Revenue Service or also known by his initials IRS that is branch of the city of New York, Arthur used employment to can find victim in which he killed and raped of the years from 1983 to 2001 in cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Hartfort, Blessard is the main antagonist of Law and Order SVU in the episode Redemption of the third season of the series.

He was portrayed by Ken Marks.


Arthur had a certain quirk, his big glasses and obsessive and meticulous nature, he would use his job because of the fact that he worked for IRS, so can discredit woman. His frustrations soon increased in the year 1983 and he began rape and killing his victims he killed seven woman in the SOHO neighborhood which led to his nickname in Manhattam. He tracked down his victims for his tax return and had full access to his home claiming he needs to find them so he can discuss his irreguralides on his taxes. Soon the murders were becoming noticeable because of their roses and bites in each victims found in the crime scenes. As the bodies increased soon a pattern was detected in a modus operandis of a serial killer, it took a lot of police pressure to capture the SOHO, when Homicide detective John Hawkins started investigating it and he soon discovered a small list that could point to the assassin, since one of his victims Larissa Cutler had received flowers shortly before his death, however the track soon points him to a retard called Roger Berry who ended up taking the blame for the crimes committed by the Blessard, since Blessard in the part caused Berry's arrest when he falsely claimed to have seen Berry at one of the crime scene. Meanwhile Blessard had left town. His savagery and brutally worsened more and more when Blessard was in Chicago, he began to cut the flesh of his victims in bite marks he left the bodies, and thus preventing the Chicago police from arresting him and connecting him to New York, soon in Atlanta he began to cut the throats of his victims.

Already in the current years in the series, in 2001, the IRS transferred him to New York again, for some luck Roger Berry was released at about the same time, and Blessard began to kill again with the same modus operandis, he soon guaranteed to buy white roses in the floriculta that Roger worked on. Because of poor guindance, he almost got rid of the murders of Jennifer Walton and Celia Mitchum, Berry had an alibied for these two murders. And so almost the case was lost, but detective Eliot Stabler realized that the name of Blessard appeared in an agent of one of his victims in the year 1983. He and Hawkins have obtained a mandate to can examine all the files of the Hawkins have obtained a mandate to can examine all the files of the IRS on Blessard and soon found all his victims listed as targets. Blessard was soon arrested, although Hark nearly dropped him on the estate, Blessard was then sentence to death and executed.


  • Blessard is based on real-life serial killer who was the Boston Strangler who killed 13 women in the Boston Area. Although Albert DeSalvo has confessed to having done all the murders, it is still much controvesial if he himself committed the murders.