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Armando and Tipa are the tertiary antagonists of Rio. They are Marcel's henchmen.


While Armando is tall, lean, and tanned, Tipa is shorter, lighter skinned and somewhat overweight. However, they are both stupid and incompetent.


They are present when Fernando, a child who works for them, brings Blue and Jewel to Marcel's lair.

Later, they watch a football game and don't even hear the macaws trying to run away. Nigel, Marcel's cockatoo then turns off the television to get their attention and takes them into the room that Jewel and Blue managed to leave. Armando and Tipa chase them briefly and Blue holds them in suspense by barking at a cat that jumps on the two men.

So that their boss does not notice the absence of the two macaws, Tipa and Armando paint two hens in blue to deceive him, although it does not work. Angry, Marcel puts a cage on Tipa's head and sends Nigel to their place to find the two birds.

In order to leave the city undetected with all the birds, Armando and Tipa build a float and dress up as chicken. Tipa tries to explain the plan to Fernando but Armando hits his sidekick to silence him.

The two appear towards the end of the film with Fernando, where they dance on their float but are ridiculed and booed by the audience, which puts Marcel to shame. At the airport, Fernando betrays the smugglers and they take off despite Linda's intervention with her own float.

During the flight, Blue manages to free all the birds that leave the plane. Because of Nigel who got caught in the blades of the machine, the smugglers are about to crash. Marcel takes the last parachute and jumps, followed by Armando and Tipa who cling to him.

During the credits, the three bandits are seen imprisoned for their crimes.