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Arlock or known as Alok is the main antagonist of Avatar arc of the Fairy Tail series.


Arlock's personality was demonstrated by a cult leader who reinforces his ideology of Zeref's world and the destruction of those who oppose him. He also seems to show respect to his subordinates for their position as priest. However undearneath it, he showed has a much more malicious personality, as he was willing to sacrifice his own subordinates to bring Zeref to him.


Arlock is a middle-aged man, his whole body still covered in a green and white priestly garment with insignia resembling lunatic epsilon. He also wears a white mask to hide his face, he also has long pink gray hair.


Avatar arc

Arlock appears in an Avatar building summoning all members of the Avatar cult. And he noted with the destruction of the Balam Alliance that was formed by Oracion Seis, Grimoire Heart and Tartaros had already come to an end and it was a new era for the Dark Guilds, he also proclaimed Avatar as the successor of the Dark Guild pact and promises conquer the world in the name of Zeref, and thus eliminated any wizard who does not pledge allegiance to the Black Mage. After the meeting, Arlock goes to his chambers to pray for the purification pain. He is then interrupted by Briar and Jerome who tells him that Council is already aware of his plan. With that the gets annoyed and order them to leave his room. After in the cult, Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lucy appear fighting the members of Avatar, Gray reveals himself as a traitor. Arlock is approached by Natsu facing him, Arlock tries to stop the Dragon Slayer but is easily defeated with this. He decides to summon a god named Ikusa-Tsunagi to destroy them all at once. And thinking that Natsu is not able to defeat a god, however he is shocked when Natsu defeats him easily, making the impossible come true. And after that Arlock is arrested along with his Avatar cult subordinates by the Custody Enforcement Unit of the Council Magic.


  • As shown in Tenrou Island arc, if Arlock could summon Zeref, or Zeref himself came to him, it is very likely that Zeref would kill him because of this, as this has already been demonstrated in the case of Master Hades.
  • In addition the Avatar guild is the third Dark Guild that Zeref fanatic, as the two are Grimoire Heart and Tartaros.