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Ariel Augustus
Background information
Feature films
Television programs American Horror Story
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Jon Jon Briones
Performance model
Character information
Other names None specifically
Personality Tyrannical, maniacal, brutal, power-hungry, destructive, scheming, treacherous, ambitious, narssistic, megalomaniacal, egoistic, obssesed, murderous
Occupation Satanist
Grand Chancellor of The Hawthorne School for Exceptional Men (formerly)
Affiliations Bad
Goal To kill the witches off, and end Cordellia Goode once and for all (failed)
To assisist Michael and help him find his true paths, and also turn him into the next supreme (possibly failed)
Friends Michael Langdon, Anton LaVey
Enemies Cordellia Goode, Madison Montgomery, Coco, Mallory, The Witches, Myrtle Snow
Minions Miriam Meed, Baldwin Pennypacker
Likes Destruction, the end of the world, chaos, corruption, Michael's capabilities
Dislikes Witches, Cordellia's interference in his plans, defeat, goodness
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets tortured and burned alive under the orders of Cordellia

Ariel Augustus is one of the two secondary antagonists (along with Miriam Meed) of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. He is Michael's former mentor turned enforcer who believes that he should become the supreme, and alongside Anton LaVey he leads a satanic cult which tries to end the witches for good.


Ariel Augustus was the extremely powerful and rich grand chancellor of Hawthorne's School. As he interviewed Michael along with his assistant Baldwin Pennypacker. Michael was powerful enough (in his opinion) to become the next supreme. However, Cordellia Goode disagreed with his ideas of Michael becoming the next supreme, as it should rather be a woman. Many years later, Michael was put into jail, and Ariel along with Meed came to rescue him. They taught him his true path in life and unleashed his true potential. He used Michael as a tool which he intended to use against the witches. Later, he is called by Bubbles and Myrtle for a dinner meeting, only so Bubbles could discover his ambitious plans; to kill all the witches so they won't stop Michael from destroying the world. He orders Baldwin to create a formula against the witches, but while Baldwin presents Ariel the magic formula, they are both interupted by all the witches who come together and take Ariel, Baldwin and later also Miriam Meed as hostages. Cordellia then shuts their mouths up, and sends her bodyguards to tie them up a rope and torture them. Meed reveals that Michael is on his way, and that he intends to bring the world to it's end; the apocalypse. Ariel is then burnt alive, along with Meed and Baldwin.