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Argus is a Phantom born of a man named Akito Kosuda who was in despair. His Gate is a woman named Chiaki Shimizu who is a popular model. Argus is furthermore armed with steroid eyes that he uses to temporarily blind his enemies through a flash of light. Argus can also mentally control the eyes and manipulate them to attack their opponents. Argus is also the main antagonist of two episodes of Kamen Rider Wizard which are The Reverse Side of a Popular Model, and also The Other Side of Sora.

Kamen Rider Wizard[]

Argus begins by attacking Chiaki who is in a park, but Beast appears and uses his Chameleo Mantle to dominate him. However, the Phantom escapes, he then kidnaps Chiaki who is on a bridge. However, Wizard and Beast arrive in time to fire him, although the two mages can dominate Argus, he still managed to summon the Ghouls to distract them. And when he goes to attack Chiaki, he soon finds Gremlin who takes his attack. And when Argus thinks Gremlin is a nuisance he simply attacks him playing in the river, Wizard then saves Gremlin. Argus then fights Beast one on one, although Beast uses his Dolphi Mantle against Argus, which turns out to be useless. However, but later in battle, Beast uses his Beast Hype against Argus, which he dominates and manages to destroy him in battle.