Background information
Feature films
Television programs Justice League
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Julie Bowen
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Stubborn, arrogant, misandric
Appearance Thin woman with blonde hair and golden armor and jewelry
Occupation Rogue Amazon
Goal To eradicate the male gender
Home Themyscira
Enemies Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Superman, Batman
Minions Injustice Gang
Likes Killing men
Dislikes Men
Powers and abilities Super strength
Weapons Male-killing disease
Fate Drowns
Typical Saying "I answer to no man! Not even you!"

Aresia is a misandrist, rogue Amazon who's goal was to destroy every male on the planet. She is a villain in Justice League in the episode Fury. She is voiced by Julie Bowen.


Aresia was born in a war-torn country that was being assaulted by soldiers, she and her mother fled and took refuge on a ship along with other refugees. At the time pirates came and raided the pirate ship holding everyone hostage, but they didn't hold their word and blew the ship Aresia and her mother was on down. Aresia however survived the ordeal and was unconsiously washed ashore to Themyscira, there she was taken in by Hippolyta, who raised and trained her in the the ways of the Amazon along with Diana. After her many years of training, as the final test into amazon-hood she was to be isolated in a room where no one would speak or check up on her, at the time she got ahold of some books and learned about germ warfare and from that moment on she would begin her mission to eradicate all males.

Setting the Plan in MotionEdit

After she left the island, she enlisted the help of some of Luther's Injustice Gang (along with a new member Tsukuri.) She and her team break into a biotech facility, easily knocking out the security guards until Batman arrives to stop all but Areisa, while he capturing her, he demands to know who she was, Aresia responds saying that she answers to no man, she breaks free from his restraints and attacks him, after defeating him she later escapes with her gang, while he was left unconsious.

The second was when she and the others robb a gem vault, while intentionally taunting the Justice League on the security camera, she mangages to get ahold of a large ruby. Superman arrives to stop her, but she catches him off-guard and throws a gas grenade at him, escaping the area, she then runs into her foster-sister Wonder Woman, she explains that her friend Superman was in danger from the virus, while running off afterwards. Back at the hideout the other villains start to question her motives, she responds by throwing a gas grenade at them poisoning Shade, Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, while only sparing Star Sapphire, Tsukuri, and herself from its effects.

Aresia and the other two villains watched on as the entire male population in Gotham City was poisoned, she then reveals that it had no effect on any females and later states that she wants to "cleanse" the world of men. She and Tsukuri sneak into an Air Base to use one of their stealth bombers, while ordering Star Sapphire to look for Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. While there Hippolyta confronts Aresia, she states that Aresia has dishonored the laws and code of the Amazon, Aresia however was undeterred by this and has Tsukuri knock her out and take her hostage. Later Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl arrive with Star Sapphire, Aresia offers them both a chance to join their "noble cause", though Wonder Woman does agree that men have imperfections, she turns down the offer - believing that genocide wasn't the answer, disappointed she has her team fight both Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, she manages to sneak attack both of them after they defeated her allies.

Aresia blackmails Wonder Woman with the knowledge of her mother being held hostage, with Hawkgirl regaining consciousness, the two decides to charge at her, but were zapped by Star Sapphire, Aresia and the gang took off in the jet. While airborne Aresia reveals the final phase of her plan, heading to the rocket launch base to shoot the cruise missiles in the upper atmosphere, having the winds spread her poison all over the world, infecting all men globally. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl later catches up to stop them while avoiding the jets weapons, after the two female leaguers boarded the plane, Aresia states that the men are their real enemies, but Hippolyta states that her life was once saved by man (which was the ships captain, who unfortunately died on the shores of Themyscira), angered by her foster mother's late information, Aresia states why didn't she tell her about this, Hippolyta only says that "she didn't think it was important and that he wasn't important". Likewise Aresia just believes that he was different, making her hatred towards men irredeemable, and proceeds to fire the missiles while on the plane, pushing Hippolyta off the jet and to fight Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl first saves Hippolyta and then uses her mace to smash the bay doors jamming them, forcing the missiles to fire inside the plane, Tsukuri abandons her and Aresia manages to knock Wonder Woman out of the plane, and takes control of the stealth bomber, only to die in the explosion as Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Hippolyta watched on.

Wonder Woman mentions that Aresia might have felt differently had she saw the noble qualities in men, but changes her mind had she met The Flash and got a sight of his mannerisms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman Strength - Due her Amazonian training she was magically endowed with super strength, with it she was able to surprise both Batman and Superman with her strength and managed to defeat the former. She is at her physical peak.

Hand to Hand Combat - During to her training on Themyscira, her attacks usually revolve around grapples, and throws. She kicked Superman to a wall (enough to form a man-sized crash), and was able to fight on par with Wonder Woman while on the plane. Like Wonder woman she relies on her bracelets for defense.

Intellect - Aresia was able to invent a toxin that affected only males while also knowing the ingredients it took to create it, she seems to be able to operate a jet plane.

Miscellaneous - Aresia has a considerable jumping ability (most likely due to her strength). She seems to be well versed in steath, being able to come behind a person without them noticing (even against trained fighters like Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman), in which she would incapacitate them.


  • If successful, Aresia would have indirectly wiped out the human population to extinction after one or two generations.
  • Aresia's character is the perfect example of a tragic villain, mainly due to not malicious by nature, it's moreso the fact that she was raised in a war-salvaged country, the assault on the refugee ship, her training on Themyscira and their Amazon teachings would explain why she's the way she is now.
  • Aresia is a foil to Wonder Woman's character, had she thought that men were irredeemably flawed like the former.