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Ares is the main antagonist of the Netflix animated film called Next Gen. He is an evil robot who used the body of a dead man named Justin Pin to try to destroy humanity.


Ares controlled the dead body of Justin Pin whom he had killed, thus manipulating the tecnology company IQ Bots that they were supposed to help humans. He successfully had his plan that was Project 7723 and used the robots provided by Dr. Rice, he also threatened IQ Bot. Dr. Tanner Rice obeyed his orders, yet he still entered the house. Afterwards, Ares and Justin Pin attack the house, Ares then arrives 7723 that had been deleted, Ares then kidnaps Mai's mom. But when Mai and 7723 saves Mai's mother, it is soon revealed that Justin Pin was dying and that body was only being controlled by Ares. Then the evil robot attacks a stage that contains many people. However he is soon stopped by 7723 and everyone finds out that Justin is dead and that his body is only being controlled by Ares. After an intense battle, Ares is defeated when Mai destroys him.