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Archibald Snatcher
Background information
Feature films The Boxtrolls
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ben Kingsley
Performance model
Character information
Other names Madame Frou Frou
Personality Greedy, selfish, evil, villainous, lazy, antagonistic, furious, cruel, ruthless, grouchy, sadistic, violent, mean, sneaky, bratty, murderous, cowardly Manipulative Vengeful Power-hungry Oppressive Malevolent Abusive
Appearance Tall, large potbelly, strong yet thin limbs, fair skin, long brown hair, gray eyes, pointed nose, red top hat, red jacket
Occupation Leader of the Boxtroll Exterminators
Goal Gain membership of the White Hats and exterminate the Boxtrolls(all failed).
Home Cheesebridge
Enemies Eggs, Winnie Portly-Rind, Lord Portly-Rind, the Boxtrolls
Minions Mr. Gristle, Mr. Trout, Mr. Pickles
Likes Cheese, power
Dislikes Not being in power, being rejected by the White Hats, the Boxtrolls fighting back
Powers and abilities
Weapons Wrench and giant robot
Fate Explodes and dies upon eating a rare cheese
Quote "I will destroy every last Boxtroll in this town!"

Archibald Snatcher is the main antagonist of the 2014 film The Boxtrolls. He is the leader of the Boxtroll Exterminators.

He was voiced by Ben Kingsley.


Archibald Snatcher was a man living in Cheesebridge, a town fearful of a race of creatures called the Boxtrolls, trolls that lived underground. Unknown to most residents, the Boxtrolls were actually peaceful, albeit timid, inventors. Archibald was one of the few people aware of this, but he schemed to ascend to a place amongst the White Hats, the town council led by Lord Portley-Rind. As a result of this, Archibald was joined Mr. Trout, Mr. Pickles, and Mr. Gristle, plotted to exterminate the Boxtrolls. Archibald broke into the house of Herbert Trubshaw, a man who was friends with the Boxtrolls, and attempted to force him to construct a machine to use to capture the Boxtrolls. When Herbert refused, Archibald threatened to harm Hebert's infant son. A scuffle broke out, during which the Boxtrolls took the infant to safety underground while Herbert was knocked unconscious and imprisoned by Archibald. Afterwards, Archibald visited Portley-Rind and told him the Boxtrolls had killed the infant and were also plotting to take the town's cheeses. Horrified at this, Portley-Rind agreed that if Archibald exterminated the Boxtrolls, he would allow Archibald membership amongst the White Hats. Archibald then vowed to destroy every Boxtroll in the town.

Role in The Boxtrolls

Over the course of ten years, Archibald Snatcher and the Boxtroll Exterminators capture and trap many of the Boxtrolls, imprisoning them in Snatcher's factory, while also forcing them to construct a giant robot for him. During a hunt for the Boxtrolls, Archibald has an encounter with Portley-Rind's daughter, Winnie, who had previously thrown her father's White Hat onto the streets. Archibald returns the hat to Portley-Rind personally, granting him the chance to speak to the White Hats and remind them of their agreement. Portley-Rind snootily insults him, much to Snatcher's frustration. Shortly afterwards, the Boxtroll Exterminators manage to capture Fish, one of the Boxtrolls.

The next day, Snatcher disguises himself as Madame Frou Frou and performs during the Trubshaw Baby Remembrance Day, singing of how the Boxtrolls supposedly murdered the Trubshaw baby. Unknown to Snatcher, the baby, who has grown into a boy named Eggs, is directed to his factory by Winnie. Snatcher had made it back there first and tests a piece of cheese, causing his allergic reaction to cheese to kick in and cause him to grotesquely swell. The other Boxtrolls Exterminators cure him with leeches. Shortly afterwards, Snatcher notices Eggs and recognizes him as the Trubshaw baby, and is surprised when Winnie unexpectedly shows up at the factory. To keep Winnie from telling others, Snatcher orders her abducted, but Eggs manages to free her and the two escape underground.

Snatcher later attends a ball hosted by Portley-Rind, disguising himself as Frou Frou once more. Portley-Rind reveals a massive cheese called the Briehemoth just as he notices Eggs at the ball. Snatcher attempts to strangle the boy with a scarf, but is called to the dance floor. Afterwards, Eggs removes Snatcher's disguise, after unintentionally knocking the Briehemoth into the river. Portley-Rind refuses to believe Eggs and forces him to leave, much to Snatcher's delight. Afterwards, Snatcher gathers the Boxtroll Exterminators and they storm the Boxtroll cavern, capturing all of them, including Eggs.

While imprisoned in the factory, Eggs discovers his father, Herbert, in the factory as well. Their reunion is short-lived, as Snatcher seemingly crushes the Boxtrolls to death. The next day, Snatcher then arrives at the town in his giant robot, displaying Eggs, who has been disguised as a Boxtroll. After forcing Portley-Rind to give up his White Hat, Snatcher attempts to have Eggs publicly executed. However, Winnie, Herbert, and the Boxtrolls, who had survived, arrive in the town to rescue Eggs. Upon discovering that Snatcher has failed to kill the Boxtrolls, Portley-Rind refuses to allow Snatcher membership amongst the White Hats. Enraged, Snatcher pilots his machine and rampages through the town.

Joined by Mr. Trout and Mr. Pickles, Winnie, Herbert, and the Boxtrolls attempt to destroy the robot while Eggs personally confronts Snatcher. The two battle, during which Snatcher attempts to force Eggs to realize that the public will never accept either of them. Eggs refuses to listen to Snatcher's claims and denounces him as a monster. Enraged, Snatcher attempts to strike Eggs with his wrench, but the Boxtrolls manage to destroy the robot, causing both of them to be thrown out of the machine and land in the Briehemoth, which had been fished out of the river. Snatcher's allergy emerges and he swells into a grotesque giant, abducting Winnie in the process and holding her hostage. Snatcher then forces Portley-Rind to give up his White Hat in exchange for Winnie's safety.

In the aftermath, Snatcher triumphantly enters the cheese-tasting room, along with Eggs, Winnie, Portley-Rind, and Fish. Winnie eventually manages to free herself from Snatcher's grawhatsp, but he pays her no mind and continues eating the cheese. Eggs, noticing Snatcher's allergy, attempts to convince him not to eat the cheese, to let go of her lust for power and to reform from his ways. He tells Snatcher that getting what he wants won't change the person he is, and that he can make himself into someone important all on his own if he tries. Snatcher, though softened by this, refuses and eats the cheese. As he comments on how it tastes, Snatcher explodes as a result of his allergy, showering those present in a yellow, slimy mess. He is dead. braeden gaves archibald snatcher a centillion gadget hats, then archibald snatcher destroyed by super sentai ultimate howling cannon bazooka.


Driven by his desire to become a member of the White Hats, Snatcher was very persistent in his quest to exterminate the Boxtrolls, spending ten years capturing them. In his hunger for power, Snatcher cared little for the wellbeing of others, holding Herbert Trubshaw captive for years and attempting to abduct Winnie when she overheard that Eggs was the Trubshaw baby. Snatcher also had no qualms with murdering those he deemed a threat to him. Over time, Snatcher became increasingly obsessed with securing a place amongst the White Hats, culminating in him going on a rampage in his machine to try and force Lord-Portley Rind to give up his White Hat.


  • Archibald Snatcher is the first male Laika villain, as the Other Mother and Agatha Prenderghast are both female.
  • He is the first Laika villain without any supernatural abilities whatsoever.
  • Mr Gristle is the only one of his henchmen who doesn't redeem himself.