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Archibald ''Archie'' Cunningham is the main antagonist of the 1995 film Rob Roy. He is a skilled and ruthless and vicious chief henchman of the Marquis of Montrose.


Cunningham is a violent psychopath who served the Marquis of Montrose, he also succesfully seduced a woman named Betty. It is also revealed that Cunningham conspired with Killearm for money against MacGregor by killing one of his friends. Cunningham also proves to be a prolific rapist, because all his female victims he raped, except Betty, who consensual. It has also been proven that Betty became pregnant with Cunningham, but he rejected her son for being a bastard. Cunningham later along with Killearm broke into MacGregor's house and burned it, and Cunningham also raped Mary while Killearm just watched.

After that, MacGregor was captured and he then proposed a duel against Cunningham, which he accepted. During the duel Cunningham, which he accepted. During the duel Cunningham humiliated MacGregor by hitting him from all sides, but in the end MacGregor takes Cunningham's fencing sword and takes advantage of him being vulnerable and kills him.