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Aqua is One of the Posthumous Anti Antagonist from Gacha League who makes Her Debut in Gachaverse. Her skill is Fortress of Body and Spirit, and her leadership skill is Unmoveable Object. She was originally mentioned in Gacha Memories, directly. Currently, she has only appeared in Gachaverse (Website). So Far this is Her Only Appearance.

She is an Unused Water Unit who is the Lover of Sol the Leader of Team Corruptions and is a Mother of Pandora. Aqua is also a Twin Elder Sister of Creator Luni (also a Step of Luna) and is the First Elder Daughter of late Dr. Gacha.

In Additional after She is Married to Him, She is the Daughter-in-Law of Mr. Whale and is a Step-in-Law of Isabelle. She is also the Step Elder Sister-in-Law of Both Blaz and Cele.

She was voiced by Satsuki Yukino in Anime Adaptions. The Whom in Seiyuu who is also known as Ai Magase from Babylon.

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