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Be as I determined draining the power of psychic energy the timelines begin to retrogress the portals of time disappear what one day was now will never be what will be I will determine, days forever lost in time
~ Apocalypse in time to drain the powers of psychics

En Sabah Nuh a.k.a also know simply as Apocalypse is the archenemy of Xmen and also the mutant more ancient who exist with powers unlimited and the immortality grace chamber of Lazarus who the secret of immortality of Apocalypse, the Apocalypse also and big boss and also the villain more of hard who already in appeared Xmen: Animated Series.


The Cure and Come the Apocalypse

The Apocalypse believed if the first mutant already more ancient and existing until now already born with the mutant cell, Apocalypse gives orders for who Mystique use only powers of shapeshifter for who her cheat if the mutants who not more if mutants for only powers or only physical deformity, and for who them could put on one device who them not imagined who would be the cure only who in truth it is one device does brainwash who he only created for who he control the mutants, Apocalypse controls with the mutants with the name of Death, War, Pestilence, and also Famine, after of a fight with the Xmen all after ends fight the Apocalypse escapes and all the four horsemen of the Apocalypse return to normality again.

Times Fugitives, Part One

The future of Cable it is in danger for cause gives lack of prague in only time who Bishop already had traveled for the past for prevent who the prague happen who would go fault the mutants of form a fully wrong who in truth would be all orchestrated for the Apocalypse who he wanted cause the destruction of mutants and humans if opposed the he, after Bishop go street for prevent the people of lynch two deformed mutante who appeared in building with fear of people after the Xmen them in helicopter ends seeing the Bishop them fight the people and also the man of Graydon Creed Jr. who also know the Friends of Humanity who them can win the fight who all at people and also the Friends of Humanity go though of place, the Bishop explains who traveled for the past for prevent the prague in who for cause of this the mutants would take the fault of disease, after Professor Xavier, beast and outher xmen go for the court of justice, after Graydon Creed Jr. and an the man his who he not wise whe he in thuth is the Apocalypse disguised thanks ao your power of shapeshifter in outher people, them all it is in tribunal and them until has an dialogue about the subject matter who them as speaking the Graydon and at people were very hostile in relationship to mutants after Graydon with object in your hand the infected with the prague and he did one drama about your disease blaming the mutant of a form very wrong, in an video who the Xmen to see not passed of inclimination, them go until Graydon for confronted only who the Apocalypse also was over there, after who the Xmen arrives the Apocalypse threat the Graydon who leaves he offended the Graydon talk's who he is your leader that leaves the Apocalypse irritated who he reveals your true form for the Graydon who he ends of faint, who after the Apocalypse and fight, who also Cable who also decided traveled in time for prevent who prague let in exist in your time and is end of episode of serie.

Times Fugitives, Part Two

In begin of episode, all in timeline of Cable is erased for cause of an traveled of time with the name of Bishop who was trying stop the prague for cause from this very of friends of parents are erased in front of Cable for if saves Cable traveled in time for prevent who prague not let of exist, Cable appeared and ends finding with Bishop the two talk who disagrees gives opinion of other after the two fight an against the other and Bishop escapes as previously Bishop to see two mutants almost being lynching, after the Xmen to see crowd going for attack Bishop while Cable has a weapon close of shoot in Bishop after the Xmen, after they try tranquility the population and also the Friends of Humanity who also were together with he, he fight against Cable with after gives fight the population and the Friends of Humanity who them in end's escarpes, and after of against Cable he also escape if teleporting for other place after Beast appeared talk with the reporter who the prague not DNA mutant, the Cable talk with computer for to gives the information of all the Xmen he until arrive in Wolverine when he hears about the power of regeneration of Wolverine he has a idea of use the your against the prague, after all the Xmen go for the tribunal in national network for defend the mutant and also the Graydon Creed it is present in court and them talks Bishop ends seeing an type of device who the Graydon were attack the Beast and Graydon is infected after Cable appeared and immobilizes the guards with a sonic grenade and to kidnap the Wolverine who while that the Jean Grey use your power telepath for the mind of Cable and end of discover because of reason he takes outher place, after in security câmera who was in tribunal they end seeing who all is fault of Graydon, and Xmen seeing behind his, them invades the place and fight against the Friends of Humanity and them defeat, after Cable and Wolverine seeing decided confront the Apocalypse, after Cable attack the Apocalypse with an shoot reveal your true who Graydon looked for the Apocalypse and fainted in floor, after the Xmen and Bishop also Cable fight against the Apocalypse, Wolverine is infected for Apocalypse who the Wolverine if regenerates with your cell mutants and the already cure against who is DNA of Wolverine, after Cable and the Xmen together with destroys the laboratory of Apocalypse who creating the prague and them escape and also the Beast save the Graydon Creed, Bishop and returns for your time, all the time return to your normal.


The story begins with the Archangel talk with your employees for trying discovered an way of defead the Apocalypse, he end's seeing in an map after he ends flyind for direction of map arriving in place he find the Apocalypse who the two fight the Apocalypse provoke the Archangel after a thing appeared in radar of Xmen who the Archangel after all Xmen go until for help the Archangel against the Apocalypse after of fight the own Apocalypse go though, after Rogue takes care of Archangel injured, more afternoon Archangel talk with Xmen he go where it is the Apocalypse and Rogue and Gambit also had followed after arriving over there in place he fight against the Apocalypse after Rogue and Gambit also arrive and fight against the Apocalypse who the defeat with easy after the Apocalypse go behind of the Xmen Wolverine, Cyclope and Beast, arriving over there them they try leave the Apocalypse in a trap who them had tested with Wolverine, them imprison the Apocalypse in your trap who them had mounted for computer, after the Apocalypse use code the computer who releases after the Beast can the code who was leaving the computer about control of Apocalypse, after of fight of Apocalypse against the Xmen and Archangel the computer atack Apocalypse and the place is destroyed and the Apocalypse smashed after the Xmen together with Archangel escapes with the place who it is next of destruiction after the Xmen together with Archangel and the computer and Anchangel go though irritated for to imagine who the Apocalypse still it is alive. 

Sanctuary, Part Two

Fabian Cortez betrays the Magneto and puts him to die in space, then he incriminates the Xmen sends the other mutants kill them and capture Gambit as hostage, he then plans to make a terrorist attack against humans, after that Professor Xavier, Senator Kelley and others politicians have a tense meeting, plus the Professor accepts responsibility to detain Cortez, soon after they get free Gambit with the help of Amelia Voght, then Cortez is unmasked and defeated after nearly managing to destroy half the Earth, he is later recruited by Apocalypse.

The End of Time

Apocalypse appears when he allowed Cable for appear to steal the passport of the time dimension with this soon after the Apocalypse goes away and leaves Cable speaking alone, soon after, Apocalypse sends the Sinister and his henchman kidnaps Jean and Professor Charles Xavier, more in the they kidnap Jean with this, leaving Professor Xavier at last under the orders of the Apocalypse.