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Animal was the main antagonist that appeared in the episode ''Brothers in Arms'', in Criminal Minds in the fourth season. He was a narcissist and a vengeful police killer and he is still one of the most mysterious villains to ever appear in Criminal Minds.



Very little is known about the Animal's life or even his name and life, the only thing that could be sure that he was the victim of abuse by his father. And that he had psychopathic tendencies. He started going to several clubs, but he was kicked out by everyone he went to, including a gangster who got arrested called Playboy. Animal started killings cops, and he killed a Playboy gangster named Bobby Q, who made Playboy furious about it.

Criminal Minds[]

Brothers in Arms[]

After killing his three victims, Animal soon caught the attention of BAU, who decided to investigate him. They then interrogate Playboy to find out about Bobby Q's death, and that the deaths are similar, and that Boom died for Animal. With that, Playboy then decides to collaborate with BAU. Right after making Animal's profile, on television just to attract him. Animal then sits down at his residence and listens to him with a smile. Hotchner then profiles him as a narcissistic psychopath who feels power kills authorities. And as a result, Animal then tries to kill Agent Hotchner. However, BAU set a trap for the Animal and arrested him. After being taken into police custody, he was killed by Playboy for revenge.

Years later in season 11, virginia anarchists used Hotch's press conference to incriminate him for terrorist attacks.