Velociraptor Jurassic Park 3
Alpha's Pack
Background information
Feature films Jurassic Park III
Television programs
Video games LEGO Jurassic World
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names Unknown
Occupation Raptors
Affiliations Neutral, later good
Goal Kill the main characters as punishments for one of them stole their eggs (formerly)

Recover their eggs (succeeded)

Home Isla Sorna
Friends Each other
Enemies Alan Grant (formerly), Eric Kirby (formerly), Paul Kirby (formerly), Amanda Kirby (formerly), Udesky, Billy Brennan, the spinosaurus.
Minions Each other
Likes Keeping their eggs safe
Dislikes Their eggs being stolen
Powers and abilities Screeching, roaring, speed
Weapons All of typical extinct raptors' strengths includes speed, teeth, and claws
Fate Mauls the spinosaurus to death in a deleted scene and then Retreats with their eggs after the main characters return them.
Typical Saying

Alpha's Pack are the (former) secondary antagonists in the 2001 film, Jurassic Park III.

They were chasing Alant Grant and Kirby family because Billy, whom accompanied them, stole their eggs and that led to their conflict and Udesky's death. Fortunately, both sides eventually make peace between each other after Alan returned their eggs.


Jurassic Park 3Edit

Billy steals many of the raptors eggs, provoking an attack from the raptors. The male raptor, whom happened to be the alpha of the pack, tracked down and attacked Amanda and Billy and pinned them to the wall with the cage door. It then tried to climb up the cage door to attack them, but Amanda and Billy used this as an advantage to push the cage to the other side and trap the raptor, with the raptor calling for help. The alpha-female attacked and injured Udesky and used him as bait for the humans, nearly catching Amanda. When the trap fails, a male raptor kills Udesky.

Alan Grant is soon cornered on all sides by three male raptors and the alpha-female not long after the man eavesdropping conversation between Alpha and her mate. As they are closing in, Eric Kirby throws a gas grenade that drives the raptors away. Eric Kirby comes to save Alan Grant

They are not seen again until the end of the film, wanting their eggs back. The alpha-female comes to inspect the humans. She assumes Amanda stole them and sniffs her. Alan then gives Amanda the eggs, who puts them in front of the alpha-female. Alan then takes the resonating chamber Billy gave him and blows through it, distracting the raptors. Then Alan imitates their cry for help, resulting in one confused raptor charging at him, but is ordered by the alpha female to get back in rank. They then spared the humans, took their eggs and went away.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

The pack's role in the game remained same with the film, but their characters changed into more family friendly: Here, while the raptor attacked Udesky, they're not killed him to use him as booby-trap. Instead, when some members of the pack chase main characters, the other crafted a complex trap composed of a phone as bait, hidden catapult and hanged cage. Udesky fell onto the trap and is put into the cell.

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