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Alex Zorgen is the main antagonist of the tenth season, he is leader of a human trafficking that serves serial killers.  He is portrayed by Brian Howe.



Very little is known about Alex's past, other than having started a human trafficking circle and serving serial killers and other criminals. During the years 1993. He began employing one of his victims named Donna Mangold to help administer it, he soon raped and tortured her, causing her to develop Stolcomo's syndrome and after the years of captivity. She then gave birth to her son named Kyle, and when he came of age, Alex employed him to help him manage the ring.

Season 10


Alex first appears driving in the southwest of the United States, along with Kyle and Donna. They approach an athlete, where Donna asks for instructions, and when the woman aproaches, Kyle gets out of the van and drags her into the van, to which Alex leaves. He then puts it up for auction where a customer sees it and decides to complete it while she is bidding.

The Hunt

At some point, Alex realized that Kate Callahan was investigating one of his clients Steven Parkett. And as a result, he soon plotted a revenge against her. He then sent Kyle and Donna kidnap the girls and bring them to Alex. However Markayla manages to escape and flees through the nearby forest. Frustated by this, when Kyle starts questioning his orders Alex shoots him killing him. He then cuts Meg's hair to disguise her and then takes her picture and publishes it on the bidding site. And when one of your customers buys it, which is Colin Dupley and agrees to discard it, like his other victims. BAU finally gets to find Alex through one of his computers, and arrest Miles Hendricks and Donna Mangold, and when he's being interrogated Alex insults Hotch and Morgan that they'II never find Meg. He admits that the only reason he took Meg it wasn't to take revenge on Kate anymore because he could't catch her. Alex was not seen of this, but presuming he was arrested for his crimes. 


  • Despite their heinous crimes including Donna's rape, kidnapping and auctions for serial killers and other criminals, as well as the murder of her son at her own hands. Alex is one of the few villains unlike any serial killer or criminal by BAU, and one of the cruelest to appear in the series.