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Akumu The Nightmare is One of the Primary Antagonist from Gacha League who makes His Debut in ChibiOn as the Main Boss. He is mentioned in Gacha World where He possesses His No Longer Lover, Yume to collects Gacha Summoner.

He is a Demon King of the Both Team Corruptions and X Nations who joins Sol and The Corruption alongside with Shadow His Best Friend Forever. He cares about taking down Shield Knight Naito after He had a missions in His tribes to saves and defends all of the Guild Leaders alongside with Dual Wielder Xyan.

He was Both voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in Anime Adaptions and Art Buttler in Dub titles. The Whom in Seiyuu who is also known as Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero Academia and the Whom in Netflix Adaptions who also voices Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat Legends.


Akumu had a Red Hair with Blinding Bang covering His Right Eye that are Red. He wears a Black Hooded Coat with Red Flames handing His Arms as a Human to Devil, Belt, Pants and Boots.


He is a Tyrant, Cruelty and Polluter with His Bad Imagined as His Lover, Yume who is the Guild Master of ChibiOn and He dilslikes the Races of ChibiOn Guild Leaders. Akumu also teams with His Best Friend, Shadow who have a Dirty Imaginations against Upskirt Ass Panties and He would love that to gets His Leader, Sol and His Boss, The Corruption proud of Him and will Both not dismays Them.


He didn't appears in Put The Record On X Xkour Extreme Parkour X ChibiOn, as He was mentioned by Shield Knight Naito and Yume Be cuz of His Presumed Death with Shadow, "Final Boss", Sol and "Corruption".

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