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The akumatized villains are the various antagonists of the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir franchise. They each have a goal to fufill and serve as the minions of Hawk Moth.


Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation, fear, or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma. The akuma then flies away from Hawk Moth's lair to where the person is, and possesses an important object that belongs to the person. Immediately, Hawk Moth telepathically links up to the person in order to communicate, using a butterfly-shaped light mask that goes around his and the victim's eyes. Also, in that moment, the area around the person's eyes darkens into a dark rust color. He then gives them a new name for their supervillain identity and explains to the person that he'll give them the ability to accomplish their goals, if in turn, the person will retrieve the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous from Ladybug and Cat Noir.

When the person agrees, black and purple smoke appears from the possessed object and surrounds the person. Once it recedes, the victim has transformed into a supervillain. If Hawk Moth needs to telepathically talk with them again, his light mask will reappear on both Hawk Moth and the villain.

Every villain, after being corrupted, remembers the cause of their distress and the person who caused it, so they usually try to get revenge. Additionally, some villains, namely Copycat, the Evillustrator, Horrificator, Stoneheart, Syren, Backwarder, Silencer and Oni-Chan remember the people whom they have romantic feelings for (Ladybug, Marinette (Evillustrator and Silencer), Ivan Bruel, Mylène Haprèle, Lê Chiến Kim, Wang Fu and Adrien respectively) and still care for them while transformed.

Hawk Moth can't mind control his villains, psychologically manipulating them instead. He can't read their minds either, however he can see through their eyes and sense their feelings, allowing him to see and feel what they do. If he needs to, Hawk Moth can control their bodies for a brief amount of time in order to inflict pain on them until they agree to do as he commands.

Hawk Moth can revoke the akuma, removing the villain's powers. He also uses this as a threat against his victims to keep them on task.

As stated in "Robostus", any sentient creature with emotions can be akumatized. For example, the robot Markov is akumatized in the aforementioned episode, and infant August is akumatized in "Gigantitan".

Sometimes, other living things or beings are indirectly transformed with the main victim, such as Fang changing into a dragon in "Guitar Villain" when Jagged Stone is akumatized, and Albert becoming a more advanced AI in "The Dark Owl" when Mr. Damocles is akumatized. Inanimate objects that are not the akumatized object can change because of the victim's akumatization, such as Roger Raincomprix's car transforming in "Rogercop".

In "Startrain", it's revealed that the mental connection is dependent on proximity. If the Butterfly Miraculous holder and the akumatized person are too far from each other, the communication can’t be established, and Hawk Moth can't control the akumatized person or revoke the akuma.

While it is theoretically possible for someone with extreme willpower to resist or even overcome Hawk Moth's influence, only Miss Bustier (in "Zombizou"), Chloé Bourgeois (in "Miraculer"), Luka Couffaine (in "Truth") and Alya Césaire (in "Gang of Secrets") have ever been shown doing so; Bustier and Luka succumbed after approximately 30 seconds, while Chloé and Alya remains the only person to ever completely reject an akuma to date.


An Akumatized villain has an appearance and abilities that relate to their infected object, occupation, circumstances, and/or interests. For example, because of Xavier Ramier's love of pigeons and his possessed object being a bird call, he becomes Mr. Pigeon, a villain with a suit based off of pigeons and the ability to command pigeons. It appears that the powers come with all the knowledge and muscle memory the Akumatizated victim needs in order to use the powers effectively.

A majority of the time, their objects end up becoming their weapons, such as The Bubbler's bubble wand, Frightningale's microphone, and Guitar Villain's guitar.

Aside from their superpowers, Akumatized supervillains have enhanced strength, durability, and fighting skills. For example, Lady Wifi manages to pin down Cat Noir when they are both disarmed, and Reflekta is able to jump long distances.

Because of Hawk Moth's and the villain's mental connection, the villain can sense the location of Hawk Moth's lair if they want to find him, as seen in "Robostus" and "The Dark Owl".

In "Timetagger", it is shown that Akumatized villains can communicate directly with the Butterfly Miraculous holder, even if they are not the one who akumatized them initially, as seen with the titular villain who came from the future and was akumatized by a future Hawk Moth.


In order to defeat an Akumatized villain, one must break the object containing the akuma. Once the akumatized object is broken, the Akumatized supervillain will de-transform back into their normal self.

After the object is broken, the owner of the Ladybug Miraculous uses the Yo-yo to capture the akuma. Once captured, the Yo-yo will "de-evilize" the akuma and revert it back into a normal butterfly.

  • If the akuma is not captured, it will multiply into thousands and possess any random people they come across. The people will be transformed into physical duplicates of the villain; the duplicates will be frozen in time like statues until the original is re-akumatized. Once the original becomes a villain again, the duplicates will come to life and serve as the original's personal army. It is currently unknown if there is any way to revert the duplicates back to normal without the original being re-akumatized and purified.

Those who are transformed into villains will have little to no memory of what happened while they were transformed (like a dream that can't be remembered), though, in some cases, they can remember at least part of what had happened (like Alya and Nino, who remembered their actions as Oblivio). However, those who volunteered to be akumatized will retain clear memories of their actions, examples being Gabriel Agreste (The Collector) and Lila Rossi (Volpina and Chameleon).

It's possible for an akumatized villain to free themselves from akumatization, but that requires a great deal of willpower.

List of akumatized villains

Original akumatized villains

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Secondary akumatized villains

Tertiary akumatized villains


  • The Magician of Misfortune and Destroyer have the only unknown akumatized objects.
  • Feast is the only villain without an akumatized object, being one himself.
  • Many of the supervillains' face masks, such as those of Stormy Weather, Lady Wifi, and the Evillustrator, resemble the shape of a butterfly, most likely in reference to the akumas. Similarly, the four eyeholes in Darkblade's helmet resemble the four wings of a butterfly.
  • As shown in "Sapotis, "Oblivio" and "Heart Hunter", two people can be akumatized from a single akuma and/or object.
  • Most of the Akumatized villains' powers are based on their hobbies or interests. For example, Nathaniel's hobby is drawing whilst the Evillustrator's power is making his drawings come to life.
  • Various animals and objects that are not infected by the akuma can be transformed indirectly with the Akumatized villains.
    • Roger Raincomprix's police car transforms with him, its appearance changing and it becoming able to fly. It also gains an autodrive function.
    • When Jagged Stone turns into Guitar Villain, his crocodile Fang is transformed into a dragon.
    • Santa Claus's horses turn into reindeer, and his sleigh changes its appearance as well, gaining the ability to fly.
    • Albert is also akumatized alongside Mr. Damocles as his monitor was the akumatized object; Albert gains a human face, as opposed to his normal cartoon appearance.
    • Anarka Couffaine's boat transforms into an indestructible sentient ship that obeys Captain Hardrock's commands and can fire cannonball-shaped speakers and chain anyone.
    • Marinette's grandma (Gina Dupain)'s motorbike changed its appearance and gained the ability to fly when she was akumatized into Befana.
    • Tomoe Tsurugi's car is fused with her own body so she can become Ikari Gozen and trap her victims.
    • Claudie Kanté driven train gains a new color scheme on both the inside and outside and the ability to fly into space. The service drones inside also become able to float and fire lasers.
  • There are some cases in which a villain reappears or gets akumatized in an irregular situation more than once.
    • In "Timebreaker", both Alixes from two different timelines get akumatized.
    • Ivan is akumatized into Stoneheart in both of the "Origins" episodes.
    • In "The Puppeteer", the Puppeteer uses her powers to bring back Lady Wifi, the Evillustrator, and Rogercop.
    • According to Hawk Moth, it is implied that Lila may return as an akumatized villain due to her not forgiving Ladybug in "Volpina".
      • This occurs in "Catalyst", when Lila is encouraged because of her anger towards Ladybug, with the tipping point being Gabriel Agreste calling Volpina a copycat.
      • This happens a third time in "Chameleon", when Lila actively takes the akuma and infects herself to become the titular villain after Adrien declines her romantic affections until she stops her lies. At the end of the episode, she is still angry at Ladybug, implying further future akumatizations.
    • In "Gamer 2.0", Gamer brings back almost all the akumatized villains that were akumatized before he was into his life-sized game.
    • In "The Puppeteer 2, the Puppeteer uses her powers to bring to life statues of some of the past Akumatized villains.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir usually try to persuade the supervillains to calm down and stop their rampage when they are able to do so.
  • So far, only Stoneheart's akuma was mutilplied and akumatized others into Stonehearts in The Origins Story.
  • In most cases, the villains usually get what they want when they are transformed or after they are defeated. However, this is not always the case.
    • After the events of "Volpina", Lila dismisses Ladybug's apology, thinking that Adrien will never be interested in her.
  • According to Nooroo, the Butterfly Miraculous is meant to create superheroes rather than supervillains.
    • While Hawk Moth can force his victims to focus on getting Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses by threatening to remove their powers or causing them pain, his ability is supposed to be used to keep akumatized heroes from becoming evil.
    • Several times, however, Akumatized villains would identify themselves as heroes, such as Dark Owl. Some villains call themselves heroes as a ruse, such as Volpina.
    • A recurring element is people being akumatized into supervillain versions of heroes, such as Copycat, Antibug, Volpina, Queen Wasp, Rena Rage, Shell Shock and Cat Blanc.
  • Many previous Akumatized villains are re-akumatized during the "Heroes' Day" special in Season 2.
  • So far, only Christmaster and Reflekta in "Guiltrip" are the only akumatized villains to be willingly de-akumatized.
    • However, Christmaster gave Ladybug his object, while Reflekta didn't show any will to fight back as she is consumed by guilt.
  • In "Riposte", "Gigantitan", "Zombizou" and "Heroes' Day", the akuma is seen by Marinette and/or Adrien before the victim is akumatized.
  • Many previous Akumatized villains are re-akumatized during the "Heroes' Day" special in Season 2.
  • After Hawk Moth gives his victims their new names, they accept them and discard their former names until they are defeated.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir usually try to persuade the supervillains to calm down and stop their rampage when they are able to do so.


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