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Akira Tane is a Slender (B*llsh*t) Japanese Guy from Iron Virgin Jun who affiliates Jun Asuka's Mother, He tries to destroys Jun Asuka after She retreats Her race because She doesn't want to Marry Them.

After The Waiters known as Black Skin, Close Eye, Eyebrow, Pregnant and Fatso confronts Her for betraying Her mother, Akira Tane shows up and begins. His mom was a Fat Witch Look Alike Mother who is the best friend forever of Jun's Mom since as a Child, He chases Her and nearly been escaped. His mother catches Her son with Her Best Friend and Jun Asuka's Father having a cook in Whale. So far enough, He didn't count His defeated by Her. Chapatsu Meido begins, and Kurata Oonami looking for Her and that is all what His appearance today.


He was based as Hamdo from Here and Then, There and Now.

He has no Muscular Form like Oonami and Jun's Dad as the Weakest Character in Go Nagai (but only looks like the Father of Shota Yabe from Killing Bites.)

He was the Worst Villain of Jun Asuka that He didn't abuses Her and doesn't lift Her Long Skirt or She'll uses Her Scantily Brute Form.

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