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Air Man is one of the Robot Masters and bosses in Megaman 2, 


Appearance: At first Air Man was created by Dr. Wily for combat and his unusual and intimidating design since he had his face built on his torso and not on his head. Soon later this project would be used to create other Robot Masters in the series. Using your holice on your face it can generate big winds, what he uses to push or attack his opponent. 

Personality: Air Man is arrogant and pompous, he is extremely narcissistic as he very likes to talk about himself for a long period of time, leading to what usually takes your friends. His hobby is Wind Surfing and playing Japanese card game known as Menko (which he is very skillful). He also has a great dislike for autumn because the leaves fall clogging his holice.   


Air Man is in charge of commanding an airbase. During the fight enter Air Man and Megaman, he will try to launch six tornadoes against Megaman to delay him and do damage to him, he will then jump towards the Megaman three times and then repeat it. The weakness of the Air Man is the Leaf Shield.