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Agnes is the main antagonist of the 2013 horror-comedy film called ''Hansel & Gretel Get Baked". She is portrayed by Lara Flynn Boyle, who also played Serleena in Men in Black II.


Agnes is a witch who poked in the Black Forrest which is a strong marijuana particularity. A drug addict Ashton goes after Agnes in search of more drugs and enters the Black Forrest. However, she knocks him out and ties him up and starts mutilating him and eating his meat, and draining his youth to the point that she is younger. With the disappearance of Ashton, his girlfriend, Gretel becomes worried and decides to look for him, and goes to Agnes house, which she denies having seen Ashton. However, Gretel is still convinced that Agnes is not telling the truth, but Hansel insists that they should.

Then convinced that Agnes is hiding something and that she is involved in Ashton's disappearance. She then decides to break into Agnes' home. She finds evidence that Ashton is dead, but she is captured by Agnes. Hansel then arrives at the house and discovers his real nature after he leaves him unconscious. She is later approached by two policemen who she kills with a revolver shot. Agnes then ties Hansel up and prepares to cut him off. However, Hansel manages to free himself from the bonds, and she and he fight until Hansel pushes her into his oven, and the oven explodes. Then in the final scene of the film, it is shown that Agnes survived and killed an electrician and escaped.