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Adam The Butcher is the main antagonist of the italian horror film In The Market of 2009. 

In The Market[]

Three young friends Sarah, David and Nicole go on a trip on a geep they meet two masked pissing, they then insult them, them go to the gas station. He is then assaulted by the same masked men that they had insulted they take everything and leave while throwing the masks out. Later, nervous they resolve to market, arriving there vandalism as they eat without paying even though the owner of the market is not there. Soon after, when the owner arrives with one of his victims that he killed, the three are frightened and despite their curiosity they were soon discovered by the Adam who surrounded them and gave them injections tranquilizers.

He then ties up the David and the gag, he then introduces himself as Adam, but when David denies to say his name, Adam then threatens him and then says his being David. He then later plays psychological game with him when his friend Nicole, and perversely he tourches her in intimate part provoking David, he then tells the flesh of Nicole's leg and for him to eat that he ends up eating even angry, that later Adam himself ate too, then Adam kills Nicole in front of David, and kills David by also flaying his arm. 

Sarah was able to escape even tied, she escaped through the turbo ventilator and went with the geeb, but even so her efforts were in vain as Adam followed her and captured her by killing. In the end it seems he serving human flesh in the market. 


Adam is a sadistic psychopath who likes to play with his victims before killing and eating his meat, he also mocked David later when he touched the intimate parts of Nicole and made him eat her flesh, he also shows no remorse for life which strips without any pity or redemptive qualities. 


  • Not much is known about his nationality.
  • Adam is also very similar to Ramsay Bolton both are serial killers who seek the pleasure of making the maximum of their victims's pain and both are pure evil.