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Adam Grafton is a serial killer and serial rapist, sociopath that appeared as the main antagonist of the episode Pursuit, in Law and Order SVU in season 12.


Adam began killing his teenage victims in several periods of time with several periods of reflection between the two. Modus operandis was simply to chase a woman to attack her, paralyze her and rape her while she stoop in moment of weakness, he would stab her to death he claimed to have killed 44 women.

Grafton soon began chasing after a journalist named Alicia Harding who was the sister of Adam's victim. He soon began a relationship with Harding's one to gain access to Harding's information people, he soon began sending messages from Harding to draw media attention.

He soon pursued Paxton, and killed her at one of the prosecutor's meetings, Grafton was later arrested and sentenced to death.