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Adam Cain is the main antagonist of the Twenty-Five Acts episode on Law and Order SVU, he is talk show host who raped Jocelyn Paley and other girls.


Not much is known about Adam's past life other than being a television host. During his tenure he had several interns and he took advantage of his position to rape them. He was banished from the interns after one of them Katie reported for Adam's wrist and neck injuries. And as a result Adam had to promote Katie the position of producer to keep her quiet.

Cain interviews Jocelyn Paley the author of Twenty-Five Atts and discusses with her the plan for sexual domination of her book. During the interview, he flirts with her and invites her to dinner with her who accepts, she begins to flirt with talking off her panties and handing it over to him. Then when they arrive at his apartment, they start acting out the scenes from the book and Jocelyn agrees with that, however he goes too far and starts beating her with a belt and Jocelyn tells her to stop, but Adam doesn't listen to her and hold with the belt and the rape.

He is later interrogated by Sargent John Munch and the Detective Odafin ''Fin'' Tutuola about the attack on Jocelyn after she came forward to complain. And when asked about it, Cain states that they were interpreting the sex book and that it was consensual and mentions the panty incident. Then Adam starts stalking Jocelyn for an autograph party she's organizing and toasts her. And when Jocelyn runs away from the panty to escape Adam in the elevator, Cain follows her, He expresses his anger at her talking to the police and raping her to punish her.

And when Cain realizes he's going to be arrested he soon puts public opinion by his side saying he's innocent, after he'a arrested, he then hires lawyer to defend him Rita Calhoun, she tries for ROR, plus the judge orders that Adam be scolded. And when it seems that Jocelyn did not write the book, her lawyer tries to use this fact to discredit her in defense of Adam, because Jocelyn does not write the book, Cain testifies to Jocelyn and Kathleen Dobson, and the true witness against her victims, and prosecution of their lawyer interrogate them.

Adam denies the rape he committed in Jocelyn and claims that his actions have been consented and pretends to be saddened by his allegations that could ruin the credibility of rape victims. He is asked about his sexual boredom, and when Barba asks Adam to wear his belt to show him how hard he choked Jocelyn, he tries to stay calm, but when Barba catches him, he irritates Barba, which Barba then wears. This shows that he shocked Jocelyn because he has no mark on him, since Jocelyn has noticeable bruises on his neck, the jury then finds Adam guilty of his crimes and he is arrested.