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Adam Barlow is the Son of Mike Baldwin and Susan Barlow. When Adam was young Susan died in a car crash and Mike fought With Susan's father Ken for custody of Adam. With Mike ultimately coming out on top.

Mike Sent Adam to boarding school. He later left weather-field and became a qualified solicitor in Canada.

Adam returned to the street after Ken suffered a stroke and clashed with underworld factory owners Johnny and Aidan Connor as Mike used to own the factory and Adam felt entitled to it. Adam accompanied his Uncle Peter and step-aunt Tracy to visit Ken at hospital. While there Adam met his Uncle Daniel Osbourne. Adam later accused Daniel of stealing his car but it was revealed that he had arranged the theft himself in order to claim the insurance.

After seeping With Rosie Webster and learning she and her Sister Sophie had buried some cocaine Adam dug it up intending to use money he made from a drug deal With Ronan Truman to buy the garage from Rosie's father Kevin but Kevin Was appalled and told Adam he didn't Want his money.

When Ken burnt Money Adam intended to use to re pay a debt to Ronan Adam allowed himself to get beaten in order to Keep Ronan from attacking Tracy or her daughter Amy. Ken visited him in hospital. Adam accused Ken of resenting him For being Mike Baldwin's son. Ken Denied this but never the less ordered Adam to leave as he felt the Barlows Would be safer that way. Adam returned to the house to collect Money Amy had left for him(they had bonded when he took her to visit the grave of her grandmother Deirdre). Adam saw Ken on the floor but chose to leave him for dead.

Adam Was a major suspect in Ken's assault he was able to trick Tracy's boyfriend Luke Britton into admitting he gave Tracy a false alibi but his suspicions later changed to Daniel. Adam Kidnapped his Uncle and tried forcing a confession. Daniel revealed details about his girlfriend Sinead Tinker aborting his baby because of Ken's influence. Adam then divulged this information to the police. this outraged Daniel as it could have made Sinead a suspect and he threatened Adam's life over this.

Adam Was arrested on Suspicion of Attempting to Kill Ken but When Ken discovered Daniel was the culprit he ensured neither his son or grandson  went to prison by claiming that he had fell. Adam initially joined the rest of the family in disowning his Uncle but When Daniel overdosed on drugs Adam made peace with him and offered him a place to stay.

Adam discovered Aidan Was having an affair with Maria Connor And used the threat of telling Aidan's fiancé Eva Price of the affair to extract money from Aidan. When Adam discovered Eva knew about the betrayal and was feigning pregnancy to get her own back Adam blackmailed his way into being included in her revenge. Eva decided to call off the plan at the last minute When Aidan remorsefully confessed the affair but it was too late as Adam had already arranged for Underworld to be Robbed leaving Eva as the prime suspect and causing her former friends to shun her.

When Colin Callen took advantage of Rita Tanner's brain tumor to get the Kabin Adam Was disgusted and worked With His business partner Todd Grimshaw to blackmail Colin into selling the kabin back to Rita. When Todd's boyfriend Billy Mayhew Was arrested in connection to a robbery which took place many years Prior Adam defended Billy and helped clear him of the charges.

Billy paid him back by playing matchmaker between Adam and Eva. On Christmas day Adam Was having dinner With His family When Todd's mother Eileen came in wanting to know who told Geraldine Spellman(grandmother of Billy's foster daughter Summer) that Billy was an unfit parent. After she left Peter  explained that Billy had left Susan for dead and that an infuriated Peter has accidentally Crippled Billy when he was trying to scare him  as well as being behind the phone call to Geraldine.

Ken demanded Adam not tell the police as it would cause Billy to rat out Peter. Following this Adam intentionally overdose in an attempt to Kill himself but he was luckily saved by Daniel. Adam posed as Billy's friend and swapped out his painkillers With paracetomol in order to give him stronger pills and get him addicted. When Summer thanked him for helping With Billy Adam Was overcome With guilt and aborted his revenge plan. Eva Was struggling With the secret that she was carrying Aidan's baby and that she planned to pass it of as the baby of her friend Toyah Batterbsy and her boyfriend who happened to be Peter Barlow and dumped Adam in order to keep him from finding out.

Peter (unaware of the plan) advised Eva to share whatever secrets she had with Adam she went round to patch things up With him. She was shocked to find Adam in bed with another woman and he angrily told her to make up her mind.

Following the break-up Adam's dark side returned and he continued his vendetta against Billy. When Adam gave Billy more drugs It Was witnessed by Eva and overheard by Peter Who forced Adam to stop. When Billy Was arrested on a drug charge Peter, feeling guilty over the part he played in Billy's injuries enlisted Adam's help to Keep Billy from Prison.

Adam felt guilty When Aidan killed himself and left Eva as he didn't Want to be competing with a dead man. Adam is currently in a relationship With Sarah Platt and had become entangled in a feud With her ex boyfriend Gary Windass. Adam Was furious to learn Gary had slammed Sarah against a wall. Since then he has made his disdain for him clear and attempted to expose him as the culprit behind Ryan Connor's assault.