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Adam is the main antagonist of season 4. It was created by The Initiative and thus a weapon to defend the United States of America.

Season 4

As Human

Adam was once a human member of the Initiative who was killed by Mayor Richard Wilkins, he was one of Maggie Walsh's favorite agents, and she promised to bring him back to life and put 314 Project inside him.


Adam had human parts combined demonic parts, and robot parts, he had the advancement of technology with humanity's adaptability and superior strength. Later when Adam woke up from the 314 Project, he killed Maggie Walsh as his first independent act.

Slayer Enemy

When Adam awoke, he began to philosophize about his own existence before leaving the laboratory. He killed a boy he found and dissected his body, as well as demons to can in order to gain biological understanding. He then later returned to the lab to download all the files of his creation. Adam next turned on the computers, and with his well-rounded intelligence, he was able to plot  trap plans for his targets. Spike then worked for Adam for a short time to remove the corpotential modification chip that was implanted in his brain. He then decided to help Adam stop Buffy by exporing crevices within the Scooby Gang. However Buffy soon discovered this plan when Spike let out a lot of information.  Adam didn't need to eat and relying only on his Uranus-based power source that was in his chest as his sustenance. He was even aware of all aspects of himself, and he was also immune to any magic of changing the universe. Adam also rejected the altenative reality, seeing it as not worthwhile. However, Adam was interested in the full result of the Augmentation Spell. After Adam upgraded to can minigun throws and granades. Adam later claimed to be Riley Finn's brother because professor Walsh tested both on a long-life experiment. Adam tried to persuade Riley to lead a group of biomechanical demonoid soldiers. However he refused, after when the demons and vampires fell out, Adam then removed the cells in which many monsters were trapped by the Initiative, after which in a while Adam revived several dead including Dr. Walsh and Dr. Francis Angleman and despite this they had little brain activity.

Confront Final

Adam was defeated when Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles combined their essence into Buffy's body that made the Enjoining spell, the collective eventually summoned the strength of First Slayer and used magic to combat Adam's attack magic. And with the combined strength of Buffy and First Slayer, she managed to find Adam's power source and destroy it, and shutting it down.


After Adam's defeat, Buffy has a dream in which she sees her human form, and when Buffy asks her name, Adam's dream replies that no man can remember. After three years, The First Evil used the form of several enemies of Buffy to provoke Spike being The MasterDrusillaMayor Richard WilkinsGlorificus, Adam and even Warren Mears.


At the time of his creation he learned how human anatomy worked but did not understand how the world worked. However his operations provided him that the world was chaotic and violent, and Adam was fascinated with it. Adam was also shown to have a very cold and cruel personality as he killed a boy without remorse and dissected his body, he also proved to be misamtropic and delusional because despite cruel acts he thought he was doing right. He also managed to make several monsters even though vampires and demons work together for him, despite being rival creatures.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tecnopathy: Adam can manipulate the technology as he did with Behavior Modifier and floppy-hard data computer networks.
  • Electricity Absorption: He can absorb electricity to strengthen himself, so attacks of electricity against him have no effect on him.
  • Near-Invunerable: While Uranus 235 was active, Adam did not eat, water and sleep, being virtually immortal and also able to survive and able to regenerate any wound, no matter how severe.
  • Superhuman-Intelligence: In addition to his being powerful, Adam was also a genius giving much scientific analysis on human psychology and demonic nature. He also had personal knowledge of the installation of the Initiative. He was also a master of persuasion making both vampires and demons unite against the Initiative.
  • Heightened-Self Awareness: He had a high consciousness, so he was immune to mind control of reality changes.
  • Arm-Weapon: Adam had a left a arm from a Polgara demon, giving him the power to use clever bones from his hand in combat. His right arm though had no proper characteristics, but later when it was upgraded, he was then able to launch minigum and rocket launchers. That he used in the fight against Buffy.
  • Superhuman Physical Attributes: Due to its cyber parts, and also demonic parts of your body. Adam had superhuman strength, endurance and durability superior to vampires, demons and Slayers.



  • Adam's appearance is probably based on Frankenstein, who were both raised in the lab by his servants.