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Adam is the main antagonist of the movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He is a slave owner and a vampire who is the archenemy of Abraham Lincoln and Henry Sturges.



Very little is known about Adam's life except that he is a 5000 year old vampire. Adam also said that he saw Egypt being built through merciless work, and saw the pagans give the Christians to the lions and saw Africans sell their own specimen to the Caucasians. And with this seeing humans treated so cruelly Adam led to contempt for humanity, and seeing people as insensitive, selfish and inferior. And Adam also considered that all humans were slaves something. Some time in his past. Adam attacked Henry and turned into a vampire, he also killed Henry's wife before turning him into a vampire, although he tries to kill Adam, however Adam said vampires can't kill vampires, although he tries to. Doing so a force field prevented him from killing Adam. With that Henry went on to recruit humans for vampires such as Adam to be destroyed.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Henry finally met an apprentice named Abraham Lincoln who became president of the United States of America sometime later. Eventually, Adam and his vampires began to enslave the Africans knowing that they would have an unlimited supply of blood and that they would not arouse suspicion because no one cares about the slaves. And after a human named Lincoln was hunting and killing his vampires, Adam tried to capture Lincoln but his plan failed, Lincoln pursued the law policy and attempted to abolish slavery once and for all in America.

While he was in office, Lincoln learned that the vampires had joined Conferacy and annihilated Union. Adam also sent his sister Vadoma infiltrated to kill Willie, Lincoln's youngest son. Having given up hunting the vampires, Lincoln soon remembered that they were powerless against silver, so he sent all the silver and turned them into a silver bullet and connected throughout Union. Lincoln's friend Speed warned him of a possible betrayal that would attract vampires to destroy them.

Adam soon had led a group of vampires to stop the moving train. Lincoln and William Johnson managed to destroy all the vampires that stopped them, but they were not yet able to destroy all the vampires that stopped them, but they were no yet able to destroy Adam. In the fight Adam managed to save Lincoln and Johnson, but was easily defeated by Adam, suddently Adam finds that the train was full of stone and not silver and that they had fallen into a trap, and that speed had lied and after that Adam kills him brutally, making Lincoln unconcionous. Adam then gets off the train and kicks the beams that support the train tracks, and demands that Lincoln tell where the silver is, which Lincoln says is in the heart of his silver pocket watch and destroying Adam at once, and after the death of Adam the vampires fled the country.