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He continued to destroy Dragons and bathe in their blood. Presently, his skin turned to scales, his teeth to fangs. He transformed into Dragon himself. A Dragon with pitch-black wings unlike any other Dragon.
~ Zirconis explaining the transformation of Acnologia to the heroes.


Acnologia also known Black Dragon of the Apocalypse. He is a very recurrent antagonist in Fairy Tail, he is the main antagonist along with Zeref Dragneel, as well as the last antagonist to appear in Fairy Tail. He was a human and a Dragon Slayer who after killing countless dragons, himself becomes a dragon, he is totally determined to kill the Dragon Slayers.


  • As Dragon: Acnologia is a dark dragon with some light blue parts in the front and his chin is light green.
  • As Human: Acnologia in his human form has a muscular young appearance with dark skin and blue markings. He wears a black trage and a cloak, a high collar, and a red claw necklace around his neck to the waist. He also wears a ring and wide pants.


Acnologia was cruel, sadistic, bloodthirsty and heartless. He killed any and all dragons including his own mates without any remorse or guilt. Acnologia is also very contradictory, as he claims to want to kill all dragons, but he himself is proud to have dragon power. Acnologia is also very reclusive and see humans only as insects. He is stoic, vengeful and treacherous. He was once a person who was willing to protect his people, but lacked the strength to do so. And after the destruction of his hometown, Acnologia became more cruel to aggressive, hating dragons and killing one of them even if it was his ally or did not antagonize with humans. He went to some extent to kill those who had dragon powers, the dragon slayers. 



Born 400 years ago, Acnologia was one of the first Dragon Slayers to exist. He enters the civil war between Dragons and Dragon Slayers. He began to kill countless dragons and bathe his blood, as a result becoming a dragon, and thereafter proclaimed himself the Dragon King. He later began touring on Earth beggining to earn the fame of a fearsome dragon. Acnologia also once nearly killed Gildarts Clive but left him alive to tell the story.

Tenrou Island arc

Acnologia is first mentioned by Zeref, when he punishes Hades for waking Acnologia. When Acnologia first appears in the form of a black dragon, he soon fights against Makarov who distracts him so the other members of Fairy Tail could escape the island, he is also seen by Meredy and Ultear when they escape Tenrou Island.

Tartaros arc

Later while the battle between the Mages and the Zeref's demons takes place, Acnologia appears and begins to fight against Igneel. Natsu tries to interfere more, but is prevented by Igneel who tells him to take the book of Zeref that was not for him to read or destroy. During a long fight, Igneel gives a lot of work for Acnologia, and a balanced fight. But nevertheless, Acnologia does better and kills him, and then leaves Magnolia. 

Avatar arc

A year after the fight against Igneel, Acnologia loses its arm during said fight. Acnologia accepts Zeref's proposal to be attacked on an undisclosed rocky terrain, however in his human form. Meanwhile, Zeref asks him that he could rule the world if he wanted with his power, but prefers not to. Acnologia however says the same thing to Zeref. Shortly thereafter, Zeref says he will not fight or join Acnologia, that instead he will erase all humans along with Acnologia. This then implies that Acnologia expected someone to give him a challenge. Zeref then states that he will be happy to assume the role of challenger. After that, Acnologia gives a mischievous smile when Zeref says he will wait for the final confrontation between the human and the immortal dragon.

Dragon Cry

Acnologia appears in its human form, and picks up a tape that belongs to Sonya. The reason behind the goals of Acnologia he recalls in a flashback were a group of dragons seriously injuring Sonya, which enraged Acnologia and drove him kill them all afterwards before he destroyed the tape. And most likely recognizing as Dragon Cry, however she has not issued but powers. Acnologia became aware that Sonya was alive, Acnologia reserted Sonya after Animus's death at the hands of Natsu, and what he said with How absurd before leaving.

Alvarez Empire arc

After an Acnologia still in the cave and he mentions that arm has beem stolen and that it hurts, he then says he will destroy the Dragon King Festival, and gets up while taking on his dragon form. He shouts that he is the real Dragon King. After Acnologia goes to the eastern side of Fiore, he feels a dragon power, he comes across God Serena who is along with August and Jacob Lessio, as God Serena has one of eight dragon tears implied in him, then God Serena challenges him. However, Acnologia kills him with just a single blow. After Acnologia goes to Fiore where he sees Irene Belserion the two begin to fight and during the fight Acnologia is impressed with the powers of his magic, but she can teleport him away. After Irene's death, while Acnologia was walking he soon see Irene's dead body and begins to attack Irene's dead body and begins to attack Irene's dead body and begins to attack Irene's dead body, but Erza tells him to stop.

Then in the fight Acnologia is intercepted by Jellal and the two fight, Jellal then wasting no time attacks Acnologia with his magic, but Acnologia absorbs it. Acnologia then reveals as long as he has no specific element with Dragon Slayer his spell becomes immunes to all spells. Acnologia soon after turns into dragon. Wendy then refuses to retreat and prepares to fight Acnologia, but the dragon king is attacked by Blue Pegasus's flying vehicle. After Acnologia chases Jellal, Wendy, Christine, they try to cast a giant magic beam at Acnologia, but he devours it. They then shoot bullets at the dragon king, but he deflects him, so Lucy's ancestor of the past plans to saddle Acnologia in the echo of space time. 

Christine comes to a time lapse with Acnologia pursuing. However it goes through the time lapse due to it being sealed. He clings to the ship, but Ichiya destroys the mechanism that makes it possible for Dragon Slayers to stay aboard and triggering Acnologia's weakness from motion sickness. After vomiting, he chase and catches up and begins to destroy Christine and trying to get to Wendy. He soon hypocritically states that dragons are unnecessary in the world.

Jellal then challenges Acnologia, to give Anna and the others time to open the Time Lapse. Jellal then attacks Acnologia but is ineffective, Acnologia then uses his Dragon Roar against Jelllal which resulted in the ocean being split in two. Jellal dodges the attack but thinks he won't last long against Acnologia. After the Time Lapse opens on its own, Acnologia then sees and blows an element into it, Jellal then attempts to lure Acnologia into the Time Lapse, but the Dragon King begins to grab Jellal and crush it.

However, Anna and Ichiya unit arrive to save Jellal and push Acnologia this enraged for being fools and played within the Time Lapse. This ended his cruel and reign of terror once and for all. Acnologia reacts in shock as his body becomes distorted and soon after disappears.

However, Wendy soon notices a crack in heaven where the time lapse is. And proving that the Dragon King's attempts to escape are working. And shortly thereafter Acnologia manages to loosen itself from Time Lapse by devouring the power of time and space, and the power that flows within it and remembers the time when it mastered the magic of Dragon Slayer and became larger than one simple king.

Acnologia later states that everyone belongs to him. He then delights in the fact that he does not fully control the power of time. He then uses his new power to attack Magnolia then uses it to attack the remaining Dragon Slayers so that they disapear. Later in the other realm, Natsu wonders where he is and why Acnologia is in human form and he declares that the world in his, this is seen when he looks down at the Dragon Slayer of fire. 

When Acnologia got stuck, it was the unstable instant that split his magic in two and with his physical body agitated in the real world. It is like his spiritual body that maintains its permanent power on the wings of the time when it maintains the Dragon Slayers and absorbs them to stabilized its magic.

Then Acnologia looked down at Natsu. And Natsu then realizes his identity as Acnologia. After seeing his fellow dragons, and after Acnologia explains about the dragons that are trapped inside the crystal pillars, it reminded Natsu about the death of his adopted father Igneel.

Acnologia then begins to crystallize its own body, while Natsu, who is weakened after his fight against Zeref, is imposing before the attacking Acnologia. However, Wendy manages to break free of his prison and saves Natsu, who is weakened after his fight against Zeref, is imposing before the attacking Acnologia. However, Wendy manages to break free of his prison and saves Natsu from the dragon king's attack that almost kills him. Then the seven Dragon Slayers get together and go over to Acnologia, with that he determined to kill the Dragon Slayers and says why he is called Dragon King and goes up to the Dragon Slayers.

And with that the Dragon Slayers start an attack against Acnologia, with Wendy and the others attacking him plus all this does not give any damage to the Dragon King. Meanwhile, Acnologia's physical body begins to destroy Magnolia under his command. Shortly thereafter, Acnologia reveals to the Dragon Slayers that its main desire is no destroy the world, but then shortly thereafter, Natsu counters this claim by saying that the world is not weak to be destroyed by Acnologia. 

The Dragon Slayer continued their fight against the Dragon King, Natsu then says that he is the last threat, and Acnologia says that he has done him no harm. But that he will end it in the meantime the physical body of Acnologia continues to attack Magnolia. Meanwhile, Erza, Mirajane, Juvia, and Lyon attack his physical body, but without success. Meanwhile, Acnologia says that he lives to kill dragons, Natsu then starts to laugh at this comment and still says that he is also a dragon. And it also says that Acnologia is losing its head about it, and says that dragons are kind. Although all Dragon Slayers are technically human. Acnologia is enraged that Natsu said that dragons are kind, he then unleashes a great deal of magical power against Natsu. Then Natsu enraged that Natsu said that dragons are kind, he then unleashes a great deal of magical power against Natsu. Then Natsu emerges after Acnologia's attack and charges his fire magic against Acnologia.  

Acnologia then gets stuck in the Fairy Sphere, but Lucy had a lot of magical power to keep him stuck for a long time, with the serious situation all the magicians on the continent gave Lucy the powers to keep Acnologia locked up for a long time. After inside him Natsu manages to kill him with a single attack using the energy of other Dragon Slayers who were with him, and so using his Fire Dragon Iron and manages to beat him, and before the very Acnologia dies, he passes the Dragon King cloak, but Natsu rejects it and he dies, ending his reign of terror.  

Powers and Abilities

  • Dragon Slayer Magic: His dragon magic allowed him both to be immune to certain magic, and to absorbs them making him very dangerous.
  • Superhuman Strength: Due to his dragon powers, he possesses unmatched superhuman strength.
  • Agility: Acnologia has the superhuman agility of a dragon.
  • Durability: It has a dragon durability.
  • Healing Magic: Thanks to its magic, Acnologia could regenerate itself from some attacks.
  • Transformation Magic: The Dragon King could transform into his dragon form.
  • Time Magic: When Jellal and others tried to play Acnologia in the space time continuum, thinking that would kill him. However, instead of being destroyed, Acnologia absorbed the space time continum getting stronger.
  • Flight: He could fly any dragons.



  • Acnologia is also the only villain in Fairy Tail who is not part of a group or organization.

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