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Abigail Williams or also known as The Bell Killer was the main antagonist of the video game called Murdered: Soul Suspect.



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When Abigail was a child she attended the Salem Witch Trials. Although it is not clear if she had supernatural powers, although she could have been a real witch at that time. For some unexplained reason of the game, she manipulated the authorities and made them trust her about the accusations of witchcraft, and her cruel father used this to his own benefit. After that, she became obsessed with the fact, and started hunting the witches, the authorities in fear of the traumatized girl took her into custody.

In the year 1692 AD, the Massachusetts government extinguished the witch trial and ordered the released of all people convicted of witchcraft. However, even under pressure and torture, the young girl Abigail would never give up on her persecution of witches and then ordered her execution, for fear of the girl injuring other people if she were released. Abigail carved symbols of a bell on the floor of the cell and cursed the city, promising to clean the world of witches even if it took forever.


In the game, Abigail acts as the main antagonist and acts as a serial killer and targets psychic mediums that she perceived and believed that they were involved with witchcraft and the Devil pact. She then began to have members of the police such as Baxter, Rex and Ronan O'Connor to make her launch.


Abigail had a totally distorted and sadistic personality, many expressing happiness at the death of her victims as witches, she proved to be misleading, making the authorities believe in the witches' judgement. In addition, she proved to be totally delusional and relentless in the temptation to clean the world of witches even after death, but all this could be hypocrisy since she herself is a witch.

Powers and Ability

Abigail had the powers of any other ghost, only that the powers were more developed. In addition to her superhuman strength and resistance, she could also control people's actions at will without them remembering it, moreover according to the flashback, Abigail could also create lost soul portals.


  • In addition, she is the third incarnation of the controversy, Abigail Williams that reality existed in real life, she along with her colleagues from Disney and The Crucible.