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AUTO is the main antagonist of the science fiction 2008 Disney/Pixar film, WALL-E and a minor character in BURN-E. His design is similar to that of HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey) and Glados (Portal Franchise).

Unlike the other characters in the film, AUTO is voice by an Apple application MacInTalk.


He is the cold and ruthless autopilot of the Axiom led by Captain McCrea. Despite being seen as a villain, AUTO does nothing but obey the directives programmed for it and will use all means to fulfill its objectives.


From the beginning of the film, AUTO has served and obeyed the captain, although we are shown to have directive A113 in advance. Later in the film, he shows a message from the US president that says to stay in space although times have changed since the message was sent.

When EVE brings back a plant proving that life is possible again on earth, AUTO steps in and sends GO-4 to throw the plant in a trash can. The plant is however recovered by WALL-E which is violently stacked by AUTO and falls into the landfill. Immediately after, AUTO locks the captain in his quarters and takes full control of the ship.

He then blames EVE and WALL-E as threats to the ship and patrols several stewards to stop them if they find them. This is what happens and AUTO sends all possible units to confront these two robots and the defective robots. All the stewards are destroyed and EVE goes to place the plant in the holo-detector with the help of WALL-E. AUTO tries to stop them and fatally injures WALL-E by wanting to crush it with the holo-detector. He then gets caught up in a showdown against the captain. The latter takes over by disabling the robot and switches it to manual mode to regain control of the ship.