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Donald ''Donny'' Johnson more known as 49er One is the main antagonist of the 2002 action movie Half Past Dead.


Accoding to Johnson himself, he was consistently beaten by his father and molested by his mother as a child. And as an adult he became Frank Huggard's assistant and right-hand man the head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and he and Judge Jane McPherson who muttered against Lester. However when Johnson against mercenary and along with his right arm and second in command 49er Six, decide to attack Alcatraz by killing the guards there and putting them all hostage, Donny kills some people including a priest who was there. But their plans are frustrated when helecopter who would give a lift to the group's escape ends up being destroyed, it forces them to negotiate with Special Agent Ellen Williams to get the ride away from Lester and then the other 49ers. They put Jane in an electric chair and threaten to kill her, while Ellen plans a rescue plan.

With that, Sascha, Nick, Twitch and Little Joe, even through they are being convicted, they decide to rescue Jane and take down Donny, and during the confrontation most 49ers, including 49ers Six are killed in the confrontation, while Donny catches Lester in a helecopter. However, he just didn't realize that Lester himself had put a bomb on himself, and Lester kills himself, killing Donny with him.